James L. Sheffield was  born on Dec. 5, 1819 in Huntsville, Al. and moved to Claysville in 1837, where he clerked in a store and served as deputy sheriff from 1844-47.   Sheffield was a sucessful politician and was seldom defeated in his bids for office. He was elected representative of Marshall County in 1855, 1857, and 1865 and was a member of the Alabama constitutional  convention of 1861 and 1865.

Sheffield became a leader in the Greenback Party in Alabama and was a candidate for Governor in 1882.
Although he was endorsed by the Republicans, Sheffield lost in his bid for the governor's chair, but was elected in 1886 to the Alabama Senate.

Few Marshall Countians were as devoted to the Confederacy as was Sheffield.  He joined the CSA in 1861 as lieutenant of Company K, Ninth Alabama Infantry, and was given orders to return to Marshall County in April of 1862 to raise a regiment.  Sheffield raised the regiment of Marshall Countians within one short month. The company went into the 48th Alabama Infantry.  Sheffield spent over $50,000 of his own money to help keep his troops supplied, and was elected colonel of the regiment.  Sheffield saw action in several major battles, including Gettysburg and Chickamauga.  He was wounded in the latter battle and was forced to retire from military life.

Sheffield was married on June 21, 1844 to Mary Ann Street of Warrenton, Alabama.  They had several children together and she had a son by a previous marrage.  Sheffield's wife Mary Ann died prior to the civil war and after her death  and the civil war he became a friend, etc. to my to be GreatGrandma, Sarah Ann Bright.

Sheffield was not married to, but he and Sarah Ann Bright had several children.    My Great Grandmother was Cora Lee Bright (1872) a daughter of Sheffield and Sarah Ann. 

Battles Col. Sheffield was in:

Sharpsburg----Taliaferro's Brigade
Gettysburg----Hood's Division-Law's Brigade
Little Round Top-- Hood's Division
Antietam--Taliaferro's Brigade
Chattanooga Campaign--Law's Brigade
Cedar Run-- wounded and forced to retire.

In 1860 he owned one of the largest plantations in Marshall County. He owned 34 slaves. He was elected as one of the delegates to the secession convention in Montgomery and did sign the Confederate States of America Constitution.   Col. Sheffield died July 2, 1892 and is buried in Montgomery, Alabama.
Col. James Lawrence Sheffield
My Great Grand Father
Alton Lee Hunkapiller
Alabama Confederate Soldiers
Featuring........Col. James Lawrence Sheffield
                    Company "D" 48th Alabama Infantry
Confederate States of America
      Hood's Division
Maj. Gen. John B. Hood
Brig. Gen. E.M. Law

        Law's Brigade
Brig. Gen E.M. Law
Col. James Lawrence Sheffield
Great Grandpa James Lawrence Sheffield
Great Grandma Sarah Ann Bright
.......Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Sheffield were never married but had seven children ......he had another family that was unknown to Great Grandma. He was married and had several children that lived in the Guntersville, Alabama area.
Grandma Core Lee Bright Collins
Gracie Lee (Dimple) Collins Hunkapiller
Gracie Lee Hunkapiller and  Alton Lee Hunkapiller
Col. James
Units of CSA that James L. Sheffield was in:
Co. "k" Ninth Alabama Infantry
Sheffield Guards (Rifles) Co. "D" Alabama 48th
Taliaferro's Brigade.......Co. "D" Alabama 48th
Hood's Division
        Law's Brigade.....Co. "D" Alabama 48th

Battles he was in:
Cedar Run
Harper's Ferry
Little Round Top

Co. "D" Alabama 48th Battle Flag
The Alabama Forty Eight Infantry Regiment
Three Days at Gettysburg
Gettysburg Confederate order of Battle
Col. James Lawrence Sheffield's battle report at Gettysburg
Alabama Units in Civil War
Chicamauga......Lookout Mountain
Letters of a Victorian Madwoman......Andrew Sheffield
Confederate States of America   Constitution signed by  Sheffield
Alabama Civil War Roots

Hunkapiller Family History

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